Game On Scotland Plaque

Photo of teachers from Crown Primary School with Game On Scotland plaque

Education establishments are invited to apply for the official 'Game On Scotland' Plaque in recognition of offering wider learning experiences created around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and its legacy.

The plaque is intended for education establishments that:

  • embraced the Commonwealth Games in order to create engaging learning experiences across the curriculum and beyond
  • provided opportunities for personal achievement for learners (and teachers) and placed children and young people at the center of Games-related activities.
  • worked in partnership with their communities, clusters or relevant organisations to create a legacy around the Games
  • used the Games and its values to improve the whole school ethos
  • enabled learners to develop skills for learning, life and work through Games related activities.
  • increased the awareness of important related global citizenship issues, by using the Games as a context for learning.
  • developed or enhanced international partnerships through their Commonwealth Games activities.

All schools in Scotland which demonstrate that they meet most of the above criteria will be eligible to receive a plaque. A restricted number of plaques are also available to schools outwith Scotland. These plaques will be awarded to the 100 most inspirational initiatives.

How to apply

The application process is very easy, saving precious time, and will be based on self-assessment:

  1. Register your initiatives and ambitions through the 'Game On Challenge' of this website.
  2. Towards or after the completion of your challenge(s) we will email you an evaluation form that allows you to update your initial information as well as outline the main achievements and impact of your challenge(s), verified by a third party.
  3. Thereafter the Game On Scotland team will send you a completion certificate and confirm whether or not your plaque application has been successful.
  4. You will be sent a plaque within 2 weeks of notification (4 weeks out with UK applications).

Additional benefits

When your evaluation is received, you will be automatically entered into a free prize draw (eg. mascot visits, Games attendance etc.).

If you are a Scottish School your evaluation entitles you to enter the Scottish Education Awards 2014 category 'Games Legacy and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games' – simply tick the relevant box for a simplified application process.

Claim your plaque early