Fund your project

Much of the activity you will engage in connected to Glasgow 2014 will be giving a new context to your existing work. However, sometimes there will be a really great idea you want to implement, but you do not have the financial resources you will need. In this section, we will be highlighting funding opportunities which might help you realise your exciting ambitions.

In addition to the specific funds you will find noted below, there are a number of online services which are designed to help connect organisations with different funding sources, for example, for Scottish organisations Funding Scotland is a good place to start.

Note: If you are based outside Scotland, the funding support detailed here may not be available to you. Contact the relevant funding bodies in your home country for local funding opportunities.


Would you like to take the learning and enjoyment from Game On beyond the curriculum to involve and inspire the wider community? If so, you could apply for funding from Celebrate to help make this happen.

Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund

The Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund offers grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 for a very wide range of community-led projects.

Food for Thought Education Fund

Funding is available to help schools plan food education projects, working with local business and using the context of 2014 events.