Learning journey - 2014 Commonwealth Games

This learning journey supports the development and application of literacy and English skills (reading, writing and listening and talking) by exploring past and upcoming Commonwealth Games and investigating what makes a successful Commonwealth athlete.

Learners will research, discuss and collaborate with others when investigating elements of past and upcoming Commonwealth Games and when creating promotional materials. They will gather information and compare, collate and present findings when investigating the commitment and preparation needed to become a Commonwealth athlete. Learners will study different sporting disciplines in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, sorting and presenting information in ways that make sense to the reader.

This learning journey covers the following learning experiences:

  • Exploring the Games
  • The athletes
  • Sports of the 2014 Commonwealth Games judges
Author Education Scotland
Download materialPDF file: Learning journey - 2014 Commonwealth Games (316 KB)
Curricular areaExpressive arts
Literacy and English
Stagesfirst (by end P4)
second (by end P7)
Publisher Education Scotland
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