Flag of Gibraltar

Capital - Gibraltar
Area - 6.5 sq km
Population - 29,272
Time Zone - GMT +01:00
Currency - Gibraltar Pound
Life Expectancy – 79 years


Exports include petroleum and manufactured goods.

Imports include fuels, manufactured goods, and foodstuffs.

GDP per capita (PPP) – $43000 (in 2006)

Natural Resources –None. 

Natural Hazards –  None.

Cultural Aspects/Religion

Religion - Roman Catholic 78.1%, Church of England 7%, other Christian 3.2%, Muslim 4%, Jewish 2.1%, Hindu 1.8%, other or unspecified 0.9%, none 2.9%

Languages - English is used for official purposes but Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are also spoken.


Terrain/Mountains – a narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar which is the highest point at 426m. 

Ecology/Wildlife - Over 500 different species of flowering plants grow on the Rock. Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where the Gibraltar candytuft is found growing in the wild - the plant is otherwise native to North Africa.  The Barbary macaque population in Gibraltar is the only one in the European continent, and, unlike that of North Africa, it is thriving. At present, some 300 animals in five troops occupy the area of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.


Main sports - Football, Rugby, Cricket.

Key historic events

1713 Treaty of Utrecht – Gibraltar was ceded to Britain.

Connections with Britain

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory.

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