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Photo of River Clyde from the air

In 2014, Glasgow will host the XX Commonwealth Games. But it's not only Glasgow that's gearing up for the greatest Games ever. The whole of Scotland is getting ready to celebrate, with a host of sporting, cultural and heritage events planned. This is our chance to show the rest of the world everything that makes Scotland great and invite them to join our nationwide celebration.

Scotland's Games

Most sports will take place across the east, west and south of Glasgow, but there are some events that will take place outside the city; shooting will be held at Carnoustie (Angus), Edinburgh will host the diving and Strathclyde Country Park (North Lanarkshire) will host the triathlon.

This will be the third time Scotland has hosted the Commonwealth Games, with Edinburgh hosting twice, in 1970 and 1986. This will be the first time that Glasgow has played host to this spectacular event. People from across Scotland have always supported the Commonwealth Games and the excitement when the Games are here is unique.

Glasgow - the Host City

Find out more about the bid process and why Glasgow was chosen to host the XX Commonwealth Games.

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