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Weightlifting requires gravity-defying strength, as male and female athletes heft huge weights into the air with every lift. It is a competition of physical and mental toughness, where athletes compete according to 15 pre-determined body-weight categories and must record the biggest lift in their division to claim the gold medal.

In contests there are two disciplines, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Three attempts are given in each discipline and the best Snatch and the best Clean and Jerk are added. The best total decides the scores.

The contests take place on a stout 4m square wooden platform to protect the stage, which should be capable of supporting the loads. Disc loading barbells with special bumper plates are used in competition.

The Games will also include a powerlifting competition for Para-Sport athletes, where weights will be bench-pressed into the air from a stationary position, with individual bodyweight and technique playing a major role in determining the overall medallists.

Governing body

Weightlifting Scotland is the national governing body for Weightlifting in Scotland. It selects and supports weightlifters whether in training or during competition.


The sport in its modern form has roots in the Bavarian beer gardens of the mid-1800s. However Britain was the first country to have a recognised International Weightlifting Championship.

Weightlifting - an introduction

British weightlifter Michaela Breeze introduces the sport of Weightlifting. Michaela demonstrates the Snatch and Clean and Jerk lifts. (BBC video)


  • SECC Precinct

    Information about the SECC Precinct as a venue for the 2014 Games.

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