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Shooting combines intense concentration, skill and nerve, and its four disciplines each have their own appeal and challenge.

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Target shooting encompasses:

  • Clay Target: Clay Target athletes fire at moving targets flying in different directions. A puff of dust or powder from the clay signifies a direct hit and confirms an athlete‚Äôs score in each round.
  • Full Bore: A test of patience and skill, Full Bore shooting requires athletes to fire at targets across a range of distances in a unique event only contested in the Commonwealth Games.
  • Pistol and Small Bore: Pistol and Small Bore rifle shooting involves athletes firing at stationary targets across distances ranging from 10 to 50 metres. Both require patience, concentration and control to ensure a high scoring hit is achieved on target.

Over 40 of the 71 competing Commonwealth nations and territories are expected to send a team to the Glasgow 2014 shooting events.

Governing body

Scottish Target Shooting is the governing body for Target Shooting in Scotland. It acts as the central link between the individual associations on matters which affect all of the Shooting bodies and works in partnership with sportscotland, Commonwealth Games Scotland, local authorities, government agencies and UK national shooting bodies.

Scottish Target Shooting has responsibility for the selection of teams to compete at the Commonwealth Championship, and nomination of athletes to Commonwealth Games Scotland for participation in the Commonwealth Youth Games and the Commonwealth Games.


For many years the sportsmen and women of Britain would shoot pheasants and game birds of all varieties. It was not until as late as the 1860s, when glass balls filled with feathers were introduced and a throwing mechanism was invented that worked rather like an animal trap, that shooting became available to those who could not afford the cost of a day's shooting.

At the end of the 19th century, the first true 'clay' target appeared. The Victorians would frequently use these for practice before going onto estates to shoot live birds; the simulation of bird flight transferred to a clay target.

From the early 1900s 'sporting' was considered as the premier shooting pastime. And in recent years 'sporting' is still the most attended of all the disciplines, overtaking the trap disciplines in England; however, in Scotland the trap discipline attendances still outnumber the sporting.

Double Trap Shooting - an introduction

An introduction to Double Trap Shooting, in which competitors aim to hit two clays. (BBC video)


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