Photo of two men boxing in Delhi Games

Boxing is one of the most physically tough and demanding sports on the Games programme. It requires immense skill, coupled with rigorous physical and mental commitment.

Glasgow 2014 is the first time that women’s boxing will be included on the sport programme at a Commonwealth Games.

Male athletes in ten weight categories will fight for a medal over three rounds in a 'knockout' bout format, across eight days of fierce competition. Female athletes will compete in the flyweight, lightweight and middleweight categories. They will fight four rounds of two minutes.

Governing body

Amateur Boxing Scotland is the national governing body for amateur boxing in Scotland. It was founded in 2000, and works to support the 107 clubs across the country operated by thousands of volunteers. Amateur Boxing Scotland is affiliated to the International Boxing Association (AIBA).


Boxing is an ancient sport and was first included in the 23rd Olympic Games in 688 BC. The first boxing competition at the Olympic Games of modern times was the 1904 Games in St Louis (USA), with bouts in seven weight divisions. On 16 February 1920 there was a conference for the creation of an international boxing federation with representatives of the national associations of England, France, Belgium, Brazil and the Netherlands as well as observers from the USA, Ireland and Scotland. The Fédération Internationale de Boxe Amateur (FIBA) was establish later that year. In 1946 FIBA was dissolved and replaced by AIBA, the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur. This organisation has dropped the word 'amateur' but continues to govern competition rules and statutes, including the promotion of safety and anti-drug policies within the sport.

Boxing - the basics

International Boxing Federation light heavyweight champion Clinton Woods goes through the basics of boxing and concentrates on the stance, the guard and essential footwork. (BBC video)


  • SECC Precinct

    Information about the SECC Precinct as a venue for the 2014 Games.

Other websites

  • Amateur Boxing Scotland

    Amateur Boxing Scotland is the national governing body for amateur boxing in Scotland and aims to widen opportunities for more people to become involved in boxing.